PELLEGREEN products were presented at the international exhibition Pferdwels

Pferdwels, held annually in the picturesque Austrian town of Wels. This event serves as a platform to introduce the latest advancements and innovative approaches in horse care. Among the prominent participants was PELLEGREEN, a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of horse bedding. PELLEGREEN was represented by a partner company engaged in the global distribution of our products.


Visitors to the exhibition were offered an exposition of Ukrainian eco-friendly products. Notably, PELLEGREEN’s products garnered significant attention for their suitability, even for animals with heightened sensitivity to irritants. Moreover, industry experts evaluated  the products favorably, acknowledging their high quality.


During the exhibition, the PELLEGREEN team prioritized establishing valuable business connections with environmentally conscious manufacturers, as well as to exchange information and experience with foreign colleagues. PELLEGREEN also aimed to explorer new markets for the distribution of our products.


We are optimistic that the Pferdwels exhibition will give us a new push to expand domestic production and encourage collaboration with international colleagues.