Ukrainian manufacturer of environmentally friendly products in the form of granules from agricultural crops. The company is located in the Vinnitsa region and has been operating since 2012.

Ukrainian manufacturer of environmentally friendly products in the form of crop pellets. The enterprise is located in the Vinnytsia region and has been operating since 2012.


The plant is built using unique technology and equipped with Amandus (Kahl) lines made in Germany. The enterprise uses agricultural biomass as the primary raw material, such as straw of cereals and rapeseed, alfalfa, miscanthus, etc.


The company’s policy aims to create a quality, environmentally friendly product.


The marketing policy of PELLEGREEN LLC is focused on both local and foreign markets. The enterprise is Ukraine’s largest exporter of pellets, accounting for 95% of Ukrainian exports to the EU and the Middle East.

Scheme of the production chain
Plant capacity: 55,000 tonnes of pellets per year
Number of staff: up to 90 people (up to 230 persons when operated at maximum designed capacity and taking into account seasonal workers during the harvesting of raw materials)
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History company
In 2011-2012, a pellet plant was built in the Vinnytsia region. In 2012, the first phase of the plant was put into operation. Initially, only fuel pellets were produced.

In its strategic development, the company has expanded its range of products. Thus, today the enterprise produces:

  • fuel pellets
  • bedding for farm animals
  • pet litter fillers
  • feed pellets

The enterprise is the leading exporter of straw pellets, supplying products to the EU countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, the Baltic countries, Poland, and Italy) as well as to markets of the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, and Israel), Seychelles and others.