For all goods and services required for the core business of PELLEGREEN, there is a single procurement procedure carried out on the website my.zakupki.prom.ua.


The enterprise purchases:


  1. Spare parts and services for the special equipment and vehicle repair:

1.1. Products for repair:


    • batteries;
    • tires and wheel discs;
    • air, oil, fuel filters;
    • bearings;
    • electrical equipment;
    • hydraulic equipment;
    • tools;
    • other spare parts.


1.2. Repair and maintenance services for special equipment and vehicles:


    • spare parts manufacturing according to the sample;
    • repair of spare parts;
    • service engineers labor;
    • monitoring services;


  1. Fuel and car oil:
    • fuel for special equipment, vehicles, and diesel generators;
    • engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, transmission oil;


IMPORTANT! Due to fuel price specifics (valid for one day), when purchasing diesel fuel for special equipment, a negotiation procedure is carried out with receiving an invoice or commercial offer from two or more suppliers on the date of purchase. The successful bidder is the diesel fuel supplier within ten calendar days.


  1. Packaging materials:
    • stretch wraps and films;
    • pallets;
    • big bags;
    • polyethylene and paper bags;
    • personal protective equipment;
    • strapping bands;
    • polyethylene sheets;


Effective supplier selection procedure


The following criteria are considered when selecting an efficient supplier:


    • the proposal fully or maximally meets the requirements specified in the procurement documentation for the scope, quality, and characteristics of the subject matter of the procurement;
    • the best conditions concerning the initial requirements for supplies and settlements;
    • the lowest price for the subject matter of the procurement;
    • availability of warranty obligations;
    • for enterprises-manufacturers: availability of production base, processes, necessary normative documentation, and qualified personnel that allow providing quality services and\or deliver quality goods;
    • readiness to develop and implement corrective and preventive actions aimed at improving quality, the need for which may be caused by the results of the incoming inspection of products, raw materials, and auxiliary
    • readiness for inspection by representatives of the Company;
    • ability to deliver goods/work/services within the established deadlines.


The names of all suppliers from whom proposals were received within the deadline are entered in the Tender List.

Then, potential suppliers are evaluated, and the best supplier is selected – the tender winner.


The basis for the procurement of goods/works/services is an agreement (contract). Preliminary negotiations with the contractor can be conducted by phone, e-mail, or letters exchange.