Caring for our beloved pets, we strive to provide them with maximum comfort and safety. That’s why we offer our customers a new bentonite cat litter from PelleGREEN, made exclusively from natural materials, ensuring the complete safety of your pet’s health.

Bentonite is an incredibly powerful absorbent. It quickly absorbs liquid, forming firm clumps, preventing the evaporation of ammonia, which can adversely affect the health of both humans and animals. These litters efficiently neutralize unpleasant odors and impede the growth of harmful bacteria, resulting in a longer-lasting freshness of the litter box and reducing the time needed for litter changes and maintenance. Due to the added convenience of daily removal of formed clumps and complete litter box cleaning once a week, maintaining cleanliness becomes hassle-free.

Another important advantage of this litter is its mineral composition. Bentonite clay, which serves as the raw material base, is entirely safe for use even by the most sensitive animals prone to allergic reactions.

So, if you’re looking for a safe and high-quality litter for your pet, we recommend choosing bentonite granules. With the reliability and proven nature of this material, you can be certain about the safety and comfort of your cat.